Our activity as wine merchants was created in 1999, in order to complement our range of wines by buying grapes coming from prestigious appellations. This process is in keeping with the philosophy of the estate and meets strict qualitative criteria. In particular, it is essential for us to be able to intervene, if necessary, in the vineyards from which the grapes we purchase come. Similarly, and this is no doubt even more crucial, we must be able to choose the date of the harvest, which will be carried out exclusively by teams of pickers from our estate. Thanks to this artisan approach, the wines resulting from such purchases possess the same qualities as those of the estate. That is also the reason why the quantities bought are, and will remain, very limited.

It may occur that certain appellations will disappear from one year to next for various reasons that are linked to our desire to produce wines of quality. The appellations, moreover, may be produced on a one-off basis, without re-appearing the following year. Because of particular circumstances, an estate may indeed wish to supply us with grapes just for one year.

Nonetheless, even if we can only make it one year, making a prestigious appellation will always remain an immense pleasure for us.