For very many years now, we have practised integrated viticulture, refusing to use any chemical fertiliser or herbicide. A style of viticulture adapted to the terroir, which enables us to obtain grapes at optimum maturity, and to arrive at the unique expression of each plot – of these very special places that our ancestors gradually discovered and that we do not wish to betray. We perpetuate this profound respect for nature, pay attention to the balance of our soils and thus prefer to stand back and listen to this terroir, only intervening when necessary or when the weather requires it, never systematically.

These vines (some of them over a hundred years old) are frequently ploughed. They are also worked in such a way that they only produce six or seven bunches per plant (we carry out green harvesting in certain plots). Moreover, we thin out the leaves when necessary, and this also contributes to achieving a higher degree of maturity for the fruit.

We believe that the concentration of a wine occurs naturally in the vineyard. It is true that all these viticultural practices mean that our yields are low, all the more so when you consider that the grapes harvested undergo extremely rigorous sorting. However, this approach paves the way for a vinification which consequently requires as little intervention as possible, since all the elements which make up a natural and original wine are already present in the fruit, which we leave to express itself fully.